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Hello and welcome to my fabulous new blog!! My name is aweenrashdan and
I'm a natural light photographer. My style is artistic, fresh, modern,
intimate, real...YOU! Simply stated, I love taking pictures! I get so
excited about every chance I have to snap photos and am always looking
for ways to be unique and creative with what I do. I strive to capture
life as it happens. My sessions are laid back and stress free so you
can be you, have fun and we can capture those moments you will treasure!

blog is where I'll post pictures from recent sessions as well as other
happenings. I'd LOVE to hear from you so leave me a comment and say hi!
If you are interested in booking a session, have any questions or just
want to say hey, please click on the "package & contact" above. Thanks for
visiting and check back often to see what I'm up to!

Dr AM + Dr Shahiniz Hometown Kota Bharu Kelantan

Jom Layanzz.. Ada tiga photographer untuk setiap majlis Perkahwinan di bawah.. sila perhatikan tag name pada gambar tersebut… ok thanks..

MK3_6762IMG_7460IMG_7200IMG_0778IMG_7328IMG_7224IMG_0745IMG_0803IMG_0606IMG_0555IMG_0540IMG_0535IMG_6890IMG_6819IMG_6838Selected Persandingan2IMG_6686MK3_7313MK3_7234IMG_4007Selected Akad Nikah1MK3_7141MK3_7137MK3_7027MK3_7040MK3_7055MK3_6908MK3_6925MK3_6832MK3_6813

Gambar Dr Am terlalu banyak yang cantik2 kalau letak semua blog menjadi slow.. sila lihat gambar2 additional kat bawah dan slideshow .. thanks

MK3_6813MK3_6805IMG_0745IMG_0803WJ7K0264IMG_0778WJ7K0231-1IMG_0642IMG_0606IMG_0555IMG_0540IMG_0535IMG_0481IMG_0166IMG_0155IMG_0125IMG_0058IMG_7200IMG_7460IMG_7279IMG_7328IMG_7224IMG_6890IMG_6819IMG_6838Selected Persandingan2IMG_6686IMG_6643IMG_6305IMG_6255MK3_7313MK3_7255MK3_7315MK3_7234MK3_7210IMG_4007Selected Akad Nikah1MK3_7141MK3_7137MK3_6762MK3_7027MK3_7040MK3_7055MK3_7004MK3_6908MK3_6925MK3_6832



March 31, 2011 - 11:17 pm Shahiniz tasneem - Salam buat aween dan semua staf photoaura yang terlibat pada majlis perkahwinan kami.. Sejulung penghargaan dan terima kasih pada semua atas usaha yang diberikan untuk hasilkan gambar2 yang cantik.. Alhamdulillah,sgt puas hati dengan semuanya.. Aween, kak ieda and staffs,thank u soooo much!!

March 31, 2011 - 11:19 pm Shahiniz tasneem - Tak sabar tunggu slideshow pulak :)

April 1, 2011 - 7:38 am am basheer - Thanx aween,buja n fadzil...smua pic cantik2..susah sgt nk pililih pic utk sticky ncostum album...xsabar nk tgk hasil bile da siap nnt..thanx again to aween n crew..

April 7, 2011 - 5:50 pm AMIanna - Salam.. Kak Shainiz!!! tahniaah.. sori tau Ami x dpt dtg time majlis aritu.. Ami ade keje kat bah UTARA.. so sowy.. Kak Shahiniz chanteq bangat!! as always.. nmpk len.. =)

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